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The Reveal!


On your recent engagement! At Lauver Creative Productions, we're here to help you get a quality wedding video that won't break the budget.

Why Should I Have a Wedding Video?
Photography captures a single moment. Video captures the entire moment. Our job as videographers is to show the entire day as it happens--sights and sounds. Long after the memories fade, you'll have your video to show you every detail of the day, shot in HD. It's simply something that photo cannot offer.

Why Choose Lauver Creative Productions?
We use all-digital HD cameras, and edit using Final Cut Pro, an industry-standard editor. We use multiple audio sources, including a wireless lapel microphone, camera-mounted microphones, and digital voice recorders, in order to capture all of the sights and sounds, wherever they happen.

What Have Our Clients Said?
  • Melissa (September 2014): "Thanks so much for the video! We loved it! Sean and I were saying we would love to see what ended up on the cutting room floor....I'm sure you had a lot of editing to do! That part with Howard and the boys cracked me up! Thanks so much!"
  • Ami (August 2014): "We love our video! Thank you!"
  • Matt & Kathleen (June 2014): "We got the video today and had a chance to watch it. Thank you so much!!! We absolutely love it!!! It was great!! Please feel free to use us as a reference in the future if you need to."

Kayla & Patrick

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